LAV ELI Played a Long Anticipated Concert in Vanadzor

LAV ELI Played a Long Anticipated Concert in Vanadzor

Vanadzor bringing back traditions of city rock

By Harutyun Tsatryan,

The youth gathered at the city’s square to take part in the LAV ELI rock band’s long-anticipated concert.

On July 4, 2012, citizens of Vanadzor and guests had a unique opportunity to enjoy the old and new songs performed by the band at the Hayk Square in Vanadzor.

The rock band LAV ELI started its career in Vanadzor in the mid-1990s and was the favorite rock band for citizens of Vanadzor, other cities and Armenian youth in general, and that’s the reason why the band became highly popular in only a couple of years. Unfortunately, in the early 21st century the band members left for abroad and pursued their own musical careers. After all these years, the band has now fulfilled their fans’ dreams and has reunited in their native Vanadzor to give a concert for their dedicated fans.

“Almost all of the band members have reunited. Today, we truly have a unique opportunity to make our wish of giving our long-anticipated concert in Vanadzor come true,” said band member Mher Manukyan.

The performers at the open-air concert were David Grigoryan (drums), Shogher Manukyan (cello), Tigran Voskanyan (bass guitar), Gor Mkhitaryan, Mher Manukyan and Bagrat Aznauryan (all three: guitars and vocal). The rock concert was organized by Deem Communications, which has held several cultural events in Yerevan and Armenia’s regions, attaching importance to the growth and development of culture in Armenia.

The concert in Vanadzor served as a good opportunity for people to visit Vanadzor and spend unforgettable days with their friends and close ones. The concert not only helped LAV ELI unite, but also provided the opportunity to bring the youth of Vanadzor and the nearby areas together and receive several guests from Yerevan and Armenia’s regions.

“Vanadzor is known for traditions of rock music. I remember very well when the rock band LAV ELI was taking its first steps. This band has good songs that not only citizens of Vanadzor, but other Armenian youth enjoy listening to. Such events contribute to the development of culture in our city,” mentioned young citizen of Vanadzor Anush Petrosyan.

Let’s not forget that the concert was made possible through the great contribution made by Byblos Bank’s Vanadzor branch, which had decided to surprise citizens, bring the members of LAV ELI together and help organize their concert in Vanadzor.

P.S.: LAV ELI was founded by Mher Manukyan and Gor Mkhitaryan in Vanadzor in 1994. In 1995, the band gave its first concert at the Puppet Theater in Vanadzor and recorded its first album called “Arajin LAV Albom” (First GOOD Album), and several hits were broadcast on FM radio stations in Yerevan. Despite the distance, LAV ELI’s musicians in Armenia and abroad continue to compose songs and implement joint projects by keeping the culture and traditions of city rock music alive.


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